Unfinished, unlikely to be finished. 

This is the back cover for a school literary magazine I participate in. 

I would upload the front cover, but I’d have to contact the other artist for permission. 

It was nice to try working on a landscape, even if it wasn’t as successful as I hoped! 

Found this WIP in my art folder. Whyyyy is Hugh Dancy’s face so attractive yet so difficult to draw? Since it’s unlikely that I’ll ever finish this, I’m just gonna post it now.

Reference for painting found here. 

I saw your picture that got posted on Eatsleepdraw and I really loved it. How would you feel if someone got a tattoo similar to it?


I think that would be an incredible honor. However, I’m pretty sure it’s customary to charge for a tattoo design. If you’re serious about that, message me off anon so we can talk. 

Make a wish. 

This Will Leave A Mark pt. 1