Another de-stress doodle, this time of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff. 

This is the product of one hour of de-stress doodling. I’m still not exactly sure what I was trying to achieve but I feel calmer so hey, mission accomplished. If it looks anatomically incorrect that’s because it is. 

I leave for the ocean in 2 days. 

Ignore me and my character outlines. These are more for my benefit than yours.

Lucy is the heroine for LIE, which will be my summer project. 

I was wondering if you could share your brush settings? I'm still learning to paint, and I would be honoured if you would let me know how you use them.


Of course! Unfortunately for both of us, I’m probably as lost as you are. I haven’t had any formal teaching for photoshop, so all of my work thus far has been trial-and-error, which I’m finding is an excellent way to learn. 

Since I’m still branching out, I mostly use brush presets. When I first downloaded photoshop, I got a bit overzealous and downloaded a bunch of brush packages, which are lovely, but I’ve found that I tend to overdo it on texture when I use those. I’m still experimenting, but the brush presets are a great way to start. Do NOT, however, just paint with those.

The brush I use the most is preset 30. Preset 63 is also great. Sorry, I know this isn’t particularly helpful. I’d suggest playing around with pressure sensitivity and opacity at the top. 

Honestly, you need to experiment. I’ve discovered that following anyone’s method too closely isn’t productive. Tutorials are helpful, but you improve much faster when you rely on your own exploration. 

Found this in my drafts.

Process for Lazlo.